Updated 2-21-2015
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Bull Sale Info
Mark your Calendars
for this year's
25th Annual
Performance Production Sale.
It will be held Wednesday,
March 4, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.
at the Spring Valley Ranch
Angus and A+Balancer bulls will sell
They will be sonogramed and will undergo a complete breeding soundness examination

Video of bulls

2015 Sale Catalog

Sale Order

Feeding results 2007-2012
plus information on a few bulls sold.
Our Carcass data proves consistency in our breeding program.
We ask you to give us a chance to earn your business.

Go HERE to see information on Spring Valley bulls sold in previous years, PLUS
see Carcass Data from the last few years and almost 15 years ago.
Our Carcass data proves consistency in our breeding program

Pictures of some of the sires of Spring Valley's 2015 Sale Offering
Connealy Consensus 7229
Connealy Consensus7308
PA Power Tool 9108
12 Angus, 8 A+Balancers
Connealy Consensus 7229
11 Angus, 2 A+Balancers
Connealy Consensus 7308
3 Angus
Summitcrest Focus 2U66
SAV Brilliance 8077
SAV Final Answer 0035
Connealy Shrek 4242
12 Angus and 8 A+Balancers sell
WMR Infinity 141
9 Angus and 1 A+Balancer sells
PA Safeguard 021
14 Angus and 6 A+Balancers sell
MCATL Pure Product 903-55
B/R New Day 454
SAV Pioneer 7301
Connealy In Focus 4925
9 Angus and 4 A+PLUSBalancers sell
Connealy Cavalry 1149
5 Angus and 4 A+Balancers sell
SAV Pioneer 7301
7 Angus grandsons sell
These are by SVF Pioneer X256 who is out of a Final Answer daughter
Connealy Confidence 0100
SAV Final Answer 0035
Hoover Dam
EXAR Upshot 0562B
5 Angus and 2 A+Balancers sell
SAV Final Answer 0035
3 Angus and 6 A+Balancers sell
SAV Angus Valley 1867
3 Angus and 2 A+Balancers sell
Other sires of Spring Valley's offering
SAV Brilliance 8077 (2 Angus sell)
BEB Bismarck 078 (1 Angus sells...078 is sired by SAV Bismarck 5682)
SVF Dash Z111 (1 Angus sells...he is by Sitz Dash 10277 out of a Net Worth dam)



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